Free Horizen (ZEN) Faucet Site With A Difference

Get some free Horizen! So we have all seen these faucet sites where you have to log in every hour or so and press a button and the sites are filled with advertising and look nasty, and you can’t withdraw until you reach a certain threshold, so it just isn’t worth your time! Well what if I told you about a different faucet site, a sleek looking, no advert kinda site?

Free Horizen

So what makes this one so different? Well to start with you get your free Horizen ZEN to your wallet everyday!

Alright so the first day is a little amount, then the next day they give you 1.2x the amount, the third day they give you 1.4x, forth is 1.6x, the fifth day is 1.8x and the chance to win a lot more in a random draw and day six is 2x the amount. No spammyness and direct to your own wallet address.

We like to send ours straight to Binance (Click here to open an account and we can exchange the Horizen (formally ZenCash) for BNB or another crypto.

So head over to to get your free ZEN.

By using our referral links you are helping us to give bigger and better prizes away on – Thanks!

Free Horizen (ZEN) Faucet Site With A Difference

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