The Ultimate Bitcoin and Alt Coin Faucet

Introducing a better Bitcoin faucet and Alt Coin faucet site it is better because you don’t have to ‘claim’ your coins every hour, this site collects them for you and stores them ready for you to collect.

bitcoin faucet

With you can collect Bitcoin, as well as other cryptos

CPUcoin (CPU)
Cardano (ADA)
Bitcoin Cash (ABC) (BCH)
BitCoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
Dash (DASH)
DigitalCoin (DGC)
DogeCoin (DOGE)
Ethereum (ETH)
FeatherCoin (FTC)
LiteCoin (LTC)
Nexus (NXS)
PeerCoin (PPC)

All in all this site has been going for a few years now and soon they have their mobile app being released, you can sign up for free coins here at the Bitcoin and Alt Coin faucet:

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The Ultimate Bitcoin and Alt Coin Faucet

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